the public speaker that will steal your sh1t!

Entertaining and engaging; frightening people into action!

What is MentalTheft?

The truth is, cybersecurity is a dark, confusing and murky world of techno geeks that the average person, employee or even business owner cannot fathom. So they may pay some lip service, but in reality they ignore it and hope it goes away. 

Right up until they have a £10,000,000 bill to pay, or have had thousands of pounds stolen. Then they pay pretty strong attention to it. 

MentalTheft has entertainment and engagement at its core. We know how to make people listen! There are a band of security and cyber experts chomping at the bit to keep everyone safe, but their message just isn't getting out there. MentalTheft is here to engage with real people, so that they understand the threat; we then connect them with the solutions that are going to help to keep them safe. 

Engaging and Entertaining...

“Saw Paul give a show/talk about security, he presents in a very engaging and entertaining way how easy it is to lose personal information and how vulnerable even big and "secure" businesses are.”​

—  Lucy Rumming, Managing Director at The Willows Insurance Services

The MentalTheft Book 

I do a lot of my work at big corporate events. But the messaging I give is valid for everyone.


I have written the MentalTheft book to help individuals and businesses protect themselves from scammers and thieves.

Security of the Mind


In my career, I have robbed jewellers, stolen secrets and hypnotized unsuspecting victims. I am not a master criminal, I am a hypnotist, mind reader and magician. But what if I were the enemy? What could I achieve?


As an expert in psychometrics, body language and sleight of hand I provide the security and military world with insight and training so that they can help to secure the weakest link in the chain of security - the human mind. 


Don't just book a speaker to entertain at your corporate event. As well as stunning your guests with magic, I will help to educate them with interesting stories and scary facts about security.

Make your event one to remember with a keynote speaker with a difference


With years of experience, I can entertain and educate your guests.


Known all over the UK, and even across the world, I will draw in the crowds and leave them with a lasting impression. 

If you are wanting to have THE memorable event of the year, you need someone who will wow and amaze, and even scare your guests!


If you are hosting an exhibition, you are probably going to try and draw in visitors with keynote speakers. 

With me you get both entertaining and informative, whatever your industry

Did I seriously just say Sh1t in the title? 

Its hard hitting, people take notice. But there's more to it than that. In the early days of computing people used passwords such as God, but these days a lot of people use swearwords - common passwords are the easiest to crack. People also often change letters for numbers that look similar, thinking that these are more difficult to hack. They are not! So although this is a provocative title to my talks, it really does have a strong foundation in what I do. 

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Managed and led by Paul Newton, the famous mind reader, magician and hypnotist, Mental Theft is a business aimed at doing one thing - improving the security strength of the mind. 


With years of experience working in and with the military, our understanding of the marketplace and the mentality from top-ranking officers, to squaddies on the ground through to the suppliers.

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