The MentalTheft Book

Your Mind is the Weakest Link

The MentalTheft book is about keeping people safe from scammers, fraudsters and cyber criminals. It's a really boring subject, so this is all about being entertaining, raising awareness and giving people things to do to keep them safe.

Paul Newton is not only an amazing magician, but the way in which he applied his unique set of skills to the uncovering of scams and security threats to individuals and businesses is extraordinary.


If you have concerns about fraud, identity theft or cyber security, you NEED to read this book!

Sam Pearce, Swatt Books


You are at risk

This book is aimed at three different groups of people.

1. Everyone living their personal lives

2. Staff working for businesses

3. Owners of businesses

I know what you are thinking, that is pretty much everyone! That is the truth - everyone is at risk. There is no such thing as being fully protected, I'm not going to lie. I address this in the book. But the more aware you can be, and the more you do, the less likely you are to be a victim. 

Why MentalTheft in Book Form?

As a public speaker, I live in the corporate world. I help businesses large and small with understanding the dangers of cyber criminals and scammers. But, what about everyone else? What if you can't afford a professional speaker?

The book pools together a lot of knowledge and advice, in an easy to digest manner. 

This book is not only designed to scare you to give you a kick up the bum, but gives actionable tasks to help you on your journey. 


Brad Burton

PIN numbers and Passwords. Neither are safe, in a room full of people watching he had them away. You SERIOUSLY need to listen to this guy. Entertaining, energetic and educational in equal measure!


Simon Clarke

I’ve given up trying to work out how he does it but never cease to be amazed
that he can.


Matt Stirling

I have performed with Paul on many a function. The reactions he gets when he steals people’s personal info is brilliant. It’s the one thing people remember
for ages.


A Big Thank You

We were saving away, trying to get some sponsors, trying to make this book a reality. Then lockdown happened and all of the public speaking business disappeared. My magic events disappeared. 


We gave a crowdfunding campaign a go, an thanks to all of those who took part, we are sat with a real book in our hands. 


We want to say thanks to everyone who got involved; we will never be able to thank you enough. 

Order the MentalTheft Book

The MentalTheft book has been written and is ready to go! We published on 1st December 2020. We are currently pushing print and e-book copies through Amazon, but the book is available online through most big retailers.