About MentalTheft


Just a couple of guys who are enjoying helping people! Through making things fun and entertaining, we are making people engage with a serious subject.

Paul Newton

I'm Paul Newton, creator of MentalTheft, I'm a Magician, a Mind Reader and a Hypnotist. 

For years I have made my living using my skills to entertain and mess with peoples heads at parties, weddings, corporate events and in stage shows. 

It was when I was stealing PINs and other personal details at a military event that it was pointed out to me how much impact I could have: 

“Paul, have you thought about the security implications your skills could have on most of the organisations in this country? Maybe even in the world?”

This was when MentalTheft was born.

I am an extremely protective person - I love to keep people safe from nasty people. Now I get to help people understand the threats and put them in touch with the people and solutions that can keep them safe. 

Paul Newton 

MD of MentalTheft

Jesse Lawrence

I work as the marketing manager for an IT company providing business software. I know how to communicate to people about their need for a very boring subject matter!

As a photographer and marketing person, my work in communication, media and understanding people has helped to propel the message of MentalTheft. 

Both directly and indirectly, MentalTheft has become a marketing engine for an entire industry.


Despite being the technical side of MentalTheft, I am not a hacker. But I am passionate about helping those white hat hackers work with people who don't even know that they need them!

Jesse Lawrence 

Communications Director for MentalTheft