I've been hacked! What do I do?!?!


We just did a recording for Newton's Nuggets and OH MY GOD! THIS GUY!!

Ladies and Gents I want to introduce you to Mr Rory Innes.

He's amazing!

Seriously what a lovely guy!

He's the founder of a company called The Cyber Helpline and he's trying to help people who have been hacked in any way - And there are a lot of ways!

He (and his team) are trying to support anyone and everyone that has become the victim of an online fraud but there are a few issues.

Before lockdown he was getting 100 calls a month. He's now getting over 400!

And the range of different scams is just staggering!

So please go have a listen to the podcast, or a watch on youtube.

It will be worth your time!!


Rory Innes is on a mission - to help people who are victims of cyber crime. It's such a common problem, but what do you do when something happens?

The police can't help, and most of the government organisations are busy helping businesses who have had multi-million pound ransomware attacks.

Well thankfully Rory and his band of 55 experts have produced the cyber helpline:

They, like us, are trying to remove the stigma of cyber crime - our lives are now online. But if you are embarrassed, don't worry, you can use the bot on their contact page, so that you can be completely anonymous.

This is an incredibly important service, but as a not for profit they are struggling for funding. If you would like to support this amazing group of volunteers, check out: You can even become a sponsor - so give me a shout and I will introduce you to Rory.

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