Business Communication Training

"People buy from people", and your people are fantastic. But how well can you or they communicate that?

In a world of communication, being able to communicate in a way that is engaging and clear has never been more important. But being able to hold an audience and connecting with them is not a skill that comes naturally to most people; think about how you feel in front of an audience or a camera - is it natural?

After a career of 30 years in entertainment, I have become known for helping businesses in industries such as Computing, Finance and Security to turn a boring sales subject into strong communicators. 


Communication Training

I offer a two half-day training package to help up to 5 people to gain skills in communication. Available as a course either for public speaking or for online presentation, we will go into how to present, building the right content and gaining confidence. 

Online Presentation Training

In a world of Zoom calls and Teams meetings, online webinars and networking events have become an every-day part of life. But you are fighting a tough battle - keeping people engaged in their own homes!

Even as the world recovers from a pandemic, our society has undoubtably changed to being more online. So how do you present online in a way that keeps people interested and keep coming back to hear more?

With my online presentation training course, I help you to understand how to build a "presentation" (that doesn't necessarily just mean a PowerPoint deck!!!), how to communicate and how to deliver. With two half days and assignments, you will gain confidence and will be able to engage with your audience in a much more positive manner. 

Public Speaking Training

Standing on stage and delivery a presentation, from a 30 second pitch to an hour guest speaker slot, is not natural for most people.

Even if you don't mind putting yourself through it, the likely hood is that you are making some of the classic mistakes and frankly don't cherish the thought. 

With my Public Speaking training, we will go into how to prepare, what to prepare and how to execute the delivery so that you not only provide a good performance, but you engage in a way that people are truly interested. 

In a world full of networking, Ted talks and business conferences, now is the time to make sure that you can represent yourself and your business.

Book Your Communication Training

Price - £1200.00

My standard training course comprises two half days in either Online Presentation or Public Speaking. Each course can have up to 5 attendees and will be held in person or online. After the first half day, exercises will be set which will be required to be completed and submitted in advance of the second half day.


This course is designed to improve people's communication skills, but it is not designed to go from nothing to TV presenter in just a day of training! If you require further training after this course, I would be pleased to discuss a bespoke package based on your requirements.


My Credentials

Communication training - what do I know about it? 

My career started in my teens - I am sorry to say 30 years ago - when I first performed in a theatre. However, I was already a magician, which to this day is how many people know me - a stage performer. 

However, over recent years, I have become known as a public speak, with a wide range of corporate clients, including BNI, O2 and various I am also well known in networking circles for my keynote speaker sessions. 

Finally, my extremely successful Vlog and Podcast, Newton's Nuggets, has had thousands of views/downloads.