Zoom Call Hacking

There has been a lot of press recently regarding zoom calls getting hacked, especially with adult content then being shared. I have spoken to a lot of people that have been hacked, and the reality is that they are not doing some simple things that would help protect them.

  1. New meeting links each call

  2. Password protecting calls

  3. Setup a Lobby Area

  4. Stop everyone from being able to share

The easy way to hack

In general, bad people look for the easy options to do bad things. It is not difficult to create some software that looks for zoom call links to join - so if you do not protect your link, it is easy to hack. If you know the format of the link, a hacker can create a script that runs through and finds zoom calls to hook into.

New Meeting Links

Many businesses have been taking the easy option - you have 10 or 12 calls in a series, so you put one link in for all of them. That means the timeframe for hackers to find the call and get involved is massive. Consider doing a new meeting with a new link for every call.

Password Protecting Calls

If I can guess your link, and there is no password, there is literally nothing to stop me trying to access your Zoom call! Remember what I said earlier - the hackers will look to do the easiest thing - so if you have a password, they are less likely to try and break in.

Setup a Lobby Area

If you have a lobby area in you zoom calls, you have to let people in when they join the call. This is a great way of seeing if you recognise someone before letting them in - just an extra barrier against wrong-doers.

Don't allow other to share

Make sure that you have the setting turned on that only allows the meeting host to share content! I am not sure how easy it is for hackers to get around this, but dont make it really easy for them!

Zoom Security

If you leave your house unlocked and the door wide open for the next 10 weeks, what are the chances of someone entering/robbing you?! I hear a lot of people complaining about zoom security, but the reality is, people getting hacked are largeley not doing basic things to keep themselves safe. This sort of thing is like covering your pin at a cashpoint - simple and you should always be doing it.

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